Golf is a game for the masses. It is a game that I am proud to be associated with via my profession. However, there are certain stigmas that come with the game and the lifestyle surrounding golf. We founded The Modern Golf Club with the mission to alter these elitist stigmas and offer the game’s great transformative powers to all that want to seek them out. 

I have spent the past 15 years working in the golf industry starting as a weekend caddie at the local country club in New York during my high school years.  With the character traits I learned from golf itself (strength in handling difficult situations, ability to relate and converse with others, unrelenting integrity and a tremendous appreciation for being in the great outdoors) I earned a title as First Assistant Golf Professional/Interim Head Golf Professional at a “Top 100” club.

Even though many people would have said that is a great career path, I felt there was something missing. Today’s golf industry is too dollar focused – the very nature of the business is that golf is a GAME!

So, let’s play!

And let’s allow for everyone to have that great opportunity to enjoy the game you and I love so much.

Nate Kitt

PGA Head Golf Professional