The “off-season” – a ramble

As many of us are starting to wrap up our golf season across the Northern Hemisphere, we watch on as many PGA Tour newcomers and veterans alike embark upon their 2020 adventures.  It is hard to believe the off-season lasts as long as it does (18 days?), but that is the beauty and the beast of a wraparound season.  I don’t know about you, but I have issues with my body after two days of consecutive golf – it’d be very difficult to go week after week of golf only to have a very small window before the next season.  The “tour” has become a bit of a strategic game (when and where you want to play), instead of actually touring around the country (and now world) week to week.  I know there are MANY reasons why the schedule is the way it is, but I can’t help to think that some of the camaraderie of old on tour is lacking because it has become a pure endeavor of personal gain replacing the brotherhood of the road.  It seems that the emerging player is traveling with their team of coaches (which can be lonely as these coaches often cannot relate to the tribulations of the tour) rather than their contemporaries who are experiencing everything in real time.  I would love to see the TOUR market more of the “Spring Break” crew vibes showing the behind-the-scenes of how these professionals travel and support each other.

The offseason is a time to recharge your body, mind and soul.  Most professional athletes are playing injured (because they have to OR feel like they have to) and so it is imperative to prepare for future years by adding yin to the yang of the season’s energy.  How do we bring energy frequencies that are riding high from the season down to a more sustainable level?  We must breathe.  We must slow down.  We must reflect.  We must journal.  We must converse with friends and family.  We must condition.  We must stretch.  We must eat well.  We must exercise (our mind and body).  We must love.  We must read.  We must study.  What is more important – getting right back to the grind OR setting ourselves up for a great stretch in 2020?  I think that the sustainable answer is the obvious one…. or maybe the obvious one is the sustainable one.  Think about where you are in time, space and mindset and ask yourself if you want to be here again in one year.  If the answer is yes, try to replicate the last 365 days.  If the answer is no, write down how you want to be and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Find some YIN to the YANG or maybe some YANG to the YIN.

We are going to explore a new concept soon…. 2020 Vision!

Until then,


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