coore and crenshaw par 3

The Modern Golf Club is happy to offer a variety of activities including tournaments, social gatherings and trips.

Our focus will always be on the competition, culture and camaraderie that the game of golf offers to all involved. We guarantee unforgettable experiences and lasting memories in amazing places with those you care most about.

Please find out more about the most current tournament, social event or trip by clicking on the icons below…


Tournaments include all golf-related events throughout the season. We will host a variety of leagues, games, shootouts and season-long competitions. Just know, sometimes our formats are a bit "out of the box."


The culture of golf is one that stands the test of time. We appreciate the legends that have paved the way of the golf lifestyle and those contemporary influencers that continue their legacy. Our social gatherings will pay homage to the values of golf.


Buddies' Trips, Couples' Trips, Travel Schools and Mindfulness Retreats - The Modern Golf Club will combine a little bit of golf competition with a whole lot of fun for 100% customizable itineraries to the greatest golf destinations.