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We’ve devoted ourselves to the mission of providing meaningful opportunities for Central Oregon youth to GROW WITH GOLF.  The curriculum takes young people on a journey from young child to young adult weaving important life lessons into learning golf skills.  We are confident that our programs will develop amazing people who love the game of golf, their community and themselves.

DISCOVER GOLF (ages 4-7)


It’s all about retention of attention through fast-moving, meaningful education. Interactive and social games and movements will create positive memories around the game of golf. 

How do we do that? Why do we do that? Instruction will not be explicit, but rather intuitive given the environments we create.  The children in this group will begin to utilize these explorations and apply them to the stick and ball game we call golf.  We prioritize movement and play as purposeful and active pursuits towards learning the “donor movements” and executive functions of the brain that will lead to classically aesthetic swings, all around golf know-how and most importantly, functional life skills.

PLAY TO LEARN (ages 7-12)


Participants will learn how we all relate to one another as we embark on task and strategy driven quests together in our vast collection of games.  Trial and error, observation and supportive conversations will all lead to ask our players WHAT, WHY and HOW is the best way to negotiate golf.  From the Latin, “competere,” or to strive together – we will embrace competition and utilize the outcomes as great learning opportunities.  Our curriculum and play-first perspective is a result of over 15 years of experience and motor learning research and applying it to training environments.  We take into account each individual personality and goal structure while we engineer our play story each and every day.  The POWER OF PLAY is truly majestic to experience and our coaching staff looks forward to bringing this magic to all of our players!

PLAY TO COMPETE (ages 10-14)


On the course, we will ponder the implications of golf – a game played on an expansive course as well as an internal tract of space between one’s ears.  We will analyze where and how to repair our performance shortcomings focusing on inner (trust, commitment, confidence, etc.) and outer (fitness, technique, equipment, etc.) perspectives.  By setting personal vision/dream goals, we can fine tune our action/to do goals and embark on our daily practice. Knowing where we want to be will allow us to discuss how to get there collectively.  Send it back to the LEARN TO PLAY chain of verbs starting with Energize, Stimulate, Explore, etc.!  Participants in this group can expect more a variety of coaching strategies including but not limited to course management and mental coaching and specialized on-course time.



This innovative portion of our curriculum plays an integral part to our GROW WITH GOLF offer.  When players prove themself ready, we welcome them to come back to the beginning of the “PLAY CHAIN” and energize, stimulate and explore teaching golf to younger players.  Our experience has shown us that the more someone demonstrates skills necessary to accomplish tasks (especially in the simplest terms to younger players), the more they improve in the execution of their own skills!  We will facilitate as much professional growth as our athlete coaches desire including work opportunites running our events as well as leading younger coaches.

If you are interested in mentoring, volunteering or working with COJGA, please reach out directly to Coach Nate to start the discussion!