About Us

coore and crenshaw par 3

The Club will offer unique golfing opportunities available to everyone. These golfing opportunities will afford not only recreational outlets, but also encourage a strong social atmosphere. Always and forever, the club will promote culture, competition, and camaraderie. Our public society of golfers will encourage others to foster a passion for the game and the values it represents with one another.

The culture of The Club will be focused on the inclusivity and availability for everyone to enjoy the game of golf. This culture will breed family experience as well as cater to gentlemen matches and lady golfer programming. We shall play golf as a game and we shall promote walking as the best vehicle to experience the game. Our dress code will adhere to comfort and a modern lifestyle.

The competition initiatives will exist through various avenues throughout each season. The Modern Golf Club will defer to match play during most tournament formats, and will often utilize twists and wrinkles to keep competition interesting. We reserve the right to adopt modified rules to govern play. 

The camaraderie is why we do this. We hope to bring people together on the links to create, foster and cultivate meaningful relationships with each other and with the land we are fortunate enough to play on. Through social gatherings centered around golf, we will evolve the traditional values of the game into relatable concepts for the Modern Golfer.

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