coore and crenshaw par 3

The holistic approach we have adopted for our coaching philosophy will challenge all pupils to look within themselves for improvement. We believe every golfer hoping to enhance their enjoyment of the game must consider more than just skill acquisition. Therefore, our school is one that will investigate the boundaries which constrict excellence in golf.

The game allows us to continually search for perfection, yet provides us with the knowledge that perfection is impossible. However, we embrace this paradox as an opportunity to acquire skills and become proficient in self-awareness.

Golf is an opportunity. An opportunity to be outside with friends or by ourselves. A chance to chase the inner voice that restricts us or just an outer voice to be louder and more confident. A time to reflect upon nature’s bounty and man’s effects of shaping the land we live amongst. A fortunate situation to grow into a better person.

Come join us in our search for the nearly unfindable!

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