New Beginnings

New beginnings

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The Modern Golf Club took shape in early 2017 after an unexpected employment change of the founder, Nate Kitt, in late 2016.

More or less, the saying goes, “every end is the beginning of something else.” After taking a hard look at why he became a golf professional in the first place, Nate decided to pursue the concept of The Modern Golf Club. Ideas were continually entering his head and with a little help from friends and family, TMGC chose a focus in producing unique golf-centric opportunities to people coming and going to/from Central Oregon. What would these opportunities entail? Golf trips, events, tournaments, golf coaching, and more. One thing was known, Nate wanted to encourage accessibility to the golf course for all people. The game has meant so much for him throughout his life that he needed to provide the simple OPPORTUNITY for EVERYONE to enjoy it. 

If anything comes from sudden and unexpected circumstances in life, take a moment to think about what is important to you. The rest will usually take care of itself. 

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